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Are Chacos Really Worth It?

Every time I wear my Chacos someone says, “I want a pair but they’re so expensive!”

Chacos are typically $100+. There are different styles, and some range a little beneath the $100 mark, but even on sale you typically won’t find any style less than $50. With that being said, they are definitely an investment.

But they are sooooo worth it.


During the summer, my Chacos are #1 on my packing list. Whether I’m going on a hike, walking at an amusement park, strolling down to the pier, or even making a Walmart run, they are my go to shoe.

Chaco is an American brand that guarantees excellent customer service. They will repair your soles or straps on their ‘Z’ sandals, and can fix minor repairs on others as well. These shoes are designed to last as long as you want them to!

If you’re not crazy about the appearance of Chacos (my mom isn’t!), then maybe you want to opt for sandals like the Maya II which pairs perfectly with an evening sundress, or booties like the Harper Mid that add some interest to your jeans and sweater.

There are some downsides to buying Chacos, however. Before you break them in, they can leave a few blisters on your feet. I wouldn’t suggest a long hike in your brand new pair. Also, you can get them wet but once again, they’ll give you blisters. Really, the only downside to Chacos is the fact that they will rub your feet occasionally.

If you’re considering buying a pair, read the list of things to do below first!

My tips for buying Chacos:

1) Try them on in store first! There are so many reasons you should do this. Even if you don’t plan on purchasing the shoes in store, they give you a good idea of what size to order online. There are also many variations in style that can affect how comfortable the shoes feel: men’s vs. women’s, cloud sole vs. original, toe straps vs. no toe straps. (I suggest toe straps!)

2) Consider what you want to use your Chacos for. As I suggested earlier, I love toe straps! This is mainly because I enjoy hiking and I feel like the toe strap keeps my feet in place during steep climbs. But, if you’re not a hiker, you may want to try the cloud soles and no toe straps. This style is more comfortable for walking.

3) Along the lines of what you’ll be using them for, think of what you’ll be wearing them with. For example, if you’re wanting to use them for outdoorsy things, you may not want to buy the new limited edition Photo Negative white sandals (even though they’re super cute!). If you’re worried about matching, you may want to stick with all black. I believe that Chacos match everything though, which is the beauty of them! In that case, design a pair with every color imaginable!


Let me know where your Chacos take you in the comments below!

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  1. Your comment about “walking at an amusement park“, it flooded me with with feelings of nostalgia. Memories that will only continue to get increasingly bitter ,and sweet. I might just get a pair of Chacos to represent the sentimental value of our senior trip. Doesn’t help the matter that I adore open-toe shoes as well!


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