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How To Style Statement Earrings

I am having a serious earring moment! Long gone are my days of big, bold statement necklaces and in are the bright, vibrant pairs of earrings… ok who am I kidding? I still wear statement necklaces too. However, I found myself shifting from necklaces to earrings because earrings match nicely with any neckline.

On vacation, I finally picked up a pair of earrings from Hola Guava at a pop up shop in Hemline Sandestin. I had followed the Hola Guava Instagram account forever and spent hours deciding which item of theirs I would buy first. I love their Evil Eye* and Papaya* Earrings, but I lucked out and scored this beautiful blue pair that can add a little flair to any outfit!

Hola Guava has a style of statement earrings that are reminiscent of BaubleBar, and fall right along the same price range. Hola Guava’s brand is based in New Orleans, LA (the city I’m dreaming of visiting!) with products handcrafted in Columbia and Venezuela. Their pieces are trendy, yet they are so versatile that they can accessorize any wardrobe! Keep reading to see three totally different ways that I styled them.

The first way I styled these earrings is with a simple gingham dress* from J. Crew Factory. Although both pieces are busy, neither overpowered each other. This look is more preppy — somewhere in between two of my favorite bloggers, Airica Puckett and Whitney Rife.

After styling it as my favorite bloggers would have, I decided to style a very “Callie” outfit — multiple colors, patterns, and concepts mixed into one. It is totally ok to match up your statement jewelry to an item in your outfit! (Or even your whole outfit.) Color blocking isn’t for everyone! This outfit would have looked just as cute without a multi-color kimono. If you do want to color block though, start simple by finding a pattern that has a hint of the primary color you are wearing! If you are wanting to wear another solid color, however, use a complimentary shade with similar undertones.

The shoes* from this outfit are from a boutique called Twisted Sister. I have saw tons of bloggers and influencers wear these (usually in white) so of course I had to get a leopard pair! My mom always said leopard is a neutral. The top* is from J. Crew Factory, the kimono* was found on Poshmark and the jeans* are American Eagle!

The last outfit is a casual, stylish look that focuses on the boldness of these earrings! I will hopefully be working in the admissions office of my college this fall (read more by clicking here!), and my school colors include royal blue, so you can bet I will be rocking this outfit! This look is perfect to walk to campus Tuesday morning or tailgate at a UK game in Lexington on Saturday. Dress it up with heels or dress it down with sneakers — these earrings are just that good. Both the t-shirt* and skirt* are from J. Crew Factory!

The only downside to these gorgeous earrings is that the back of my right one fell out quite a bit while I was taking these pictures. That’s nothing that couldn’t be fixed though! I am totally in love with these earrings and can’t wait to style them in more ways!

What is your favorite way that I styled these earrings?! Comment below!

*Click on italicized words for links to exact or similar items.


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  1. I am in love with a good statement earring and these are soooo cute! I love the way you styled these earrings.


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