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A Tour Of My Dorm Room + Inexpensive DIY Ideas

I’ve been in college for like three weeks, which also means I haven’t blogged in like… three weeks! I apologize. I’m trying to get back in the swing of things, but I’ve been so busy. I feel like college has taken over my life!

I attend a work college, so by the time I complete my 17+ credit hours and work about 2 hours a day, I am wore out. But it’s a good thing! I’ve enjoyed college so far. I’ve made new friends, I’ve been elected SGA freshman representative, and I’ve had ice cream for dinner way more than once.

I promise to get back to blogging on Monday Mornings. But first, I wanted to start by giving you a brief tour of my dorm room!

*DiY projects are in bold. Click on italicized words to be directed to where you can purchase online.


My bedding is from Cynthia Rowley! The stripe pillow was from TJ Maxx and my cousin Shasta bought the other two pillows from Pottery Barn. The large ivory pillow has been one of my best investments in my room! I find myself sitting on my bed doing homework or watching Netflix, so I use that pillow to lean up against.


This sign was a sweet graduation gift from my friend Kennedy and her family. The mason jar was purchased at Walmart and I tied the jute around it for some extra flare. I also bought the fake flowers at Walmart. The pencil cup was originally going to be for a succulent, but I keep forgetting to bring it! It was just a basic .97 cent cup from Walmart that I wrapped jute around to give a boho look. The folder organizer is from TJ Maxx.


Here is a closer look at my colorful pillows! They’re my favorite part of making my bed.


This is my roommate Hannah! Her shirt matches the banner in our room! P.S. Her boyfriend bought her these beautiful flowers!


I brought with me a jewelry box I have had since I was a kid. I got the “C” letter from Hobby Lobby for only $5! (So I bought Hannah a matching “H”.) The small canvas sign is from Bealls, the organizer for my journal and Bible is from TJ Maxx, and the picture frame I bought at a gift shop on vacation this year!


I created a banner that says “Dorm Sweet Dorm”. The tassels were a combo of a banner previously made by Hobby Lobby and fabric strips. The dividers between letters were scrapbooking pieces from Hobby Lobby as well. Just grab some burlap, stencils, paint, jute, and hot glue and you’re on your way! This banner in total might have cost $20.


And of course, I had to have some inspirational quotes! Hannah printed out some illustrations I had sent her from Pinterest and I bought these frames at Walmart for about a dollar. I created my own little gallery wall!


Well, that’s all! Hopefully you have some inspo for your dorm room now or in the future. I really enjoyed creating a space that reflects my personality — loud, chaotic, kinda organized, vibrant, unique, and really just a big hodge podge. Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more posts about decorating!