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9 Halloween Costumes You Already Have In Your Closet

Growing up at my church, we had a Halloween party with one rule: the costumes are homemade. This stretched my creativity (but luckily not my wallet)! I learned how to create pop culture Halloween costumes using the resources I have, and so now I’m going to share some with you!

1) Stevie Nicks

You can easily make a Stevie Nicks costume with clothes you already have. For this costume, wear a black maxi dress paired with a black lace material. Of course, as Stevie, you also have to bring out the trusty tambourine with added strips of fabric! Bonus points if you pair this look with a black blazer.


2) Cindy Crawford

First of all, a big thank you to Pepsi for changing their packaging back to the retro look! It’s like they just knew it would make the Cindy Crawford Halloween costumes so much more accurate. This look is so easy! All you have to do is throw on a white tank top, denim shorts, and hoop earrings. Make sure to add brown lipstick and teased hair!


3) Elle Woods

Literally anything pink. And a dog. That’s it. That’s the costume.


4) Danny, Joey, and Jesse from Full House

This is such a fun group costume! To be Danny, dress like your average 80’s dad but make sure to carry around some cleaning supplies! As Joey, you want some crazy printed sweater from Goodwill and a pair of jeans. As Jesse, you’ll be wearing a leather jacket and white t-shirt. I’ve also seen groups print out masks of their faces to wear too!


5) Leslie Knope

Like Elle Woods, but professional. Wear a blazer, dress shirt, and dress slacks. Don’t forget the Knope for City Council button, or make it a couples costume and have your man dress as Ben! (Or Ron!)


6) Miss Frizzle

This one is a hit! Dress in any crazy themed outfit. Wear a blue button up dress, a bright belt, and cut out the shapes of stars on construction paper and tape it to your dress. You can add in a small school bus toy and a lizard if you’re really into it!


7) Holly Golightly

We all know the Audrey Hepburn costume that’s simple black pearls and a dress — but why don’t we switch it up? In my opinion this oversized white shirt and teal sleep mask is the better Holly Golightly outfit!


8) Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun

My favorite couple ever! Noah can wear a simple button up and slacks, while Allie can channel her 1940’s style.


9) American Gothic

A classic! If you can’t find a dress made like the lady’s, stick with pants and a shirt. No worries! Get creative.


What are you wearing for Halloween?! Comment below and let me know!