A Tapestry of Me Book Club: Yes, I’m Already Slacking on My New Years Resolution

Yep, I’m that person.

Unfortunately, I am here to report that I did not finish my book for the month of February. Maybe it’s because I had three days less than every other month or maybe it’s because I started binge watching multiple shows on Netflix. (Side note: The Assassination of Gianni Versace is incredible.) Either way, I failed myself and I failed y’all. I’m sorry. But to make up for it, I have several neat blog posts drafted up at the moment!

The book I was supposed to read this month was Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.d2Invc9DSZeTVl%ShS0F8g This title made it to Obama’s year end list in 2018 and is claimed to be one of Africa’s most loved novels. With all of the praise it received, I was so eager to sit down and read along.

I made it a little past the 50 page mark when I put it down for the last time. It’s not that it was a terrible book — it wasn’t even a bad book — it was just over the head of someone who barely ever reads. I hope I’ll pick it back up in the future, and who knows, maybe I’ll complete two books in one month.

I will link the SparkNotes page that includes an overall summary and detailed explanations of the novel here. Based off of the chapters I’ve read, as well as the online summaries, the story seems to touch on the subjects of gender roles, religion, and tradition within African tribes. For certain words, Achebe opted out of using English and rather used the native language of the tribe. He did this with the word chi, which means God. I thought that was interesting because one of my friends has a name that includes chi, and it translates to “God is near”.

As always, if you read the book this month, or if you’ve read it before, I encourage you to comment and start a discussion about the effects this book had on you! I always want to stress the A Tapestry of Me is about a larger discussion rather than me typing and posting words that just fill up cyberspace.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for…

March’s Book: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King


As was Things Fall Apart, this book was given to me as a Christmas gift by one of my favorite teachers! She said that Things Fall Apart was more academic, and this was just for fun.