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A Local Guide To Small Business Saturday

Happy Thanksgiving Week! Our family has a few Thanksgiving traditions -- we watch the Macy's parade, the dog show, and have dinner at the same time every year. One of our most recent traditions is Black Friday (and Small Business Saturday) shopping! The ladies in our family put on our tackiest Christmas sweaters and load… Continue reading A Local Guide To Small Business Saturday

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How To Style Statement Earrings

I am having a serious earring moment! Long gone are my days of big, bold statement necklaces and in are the bright, vibrant pairs of earrings... ok who am I kidding? I still wear statement necklaces too. However, I found myself shifting from necklaces to earrings because earrings match nicely with any neckline. On vacation,… Continue reading How To Style Statement Earrings

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My 15 Minute Summer Makeup Routine

So I don't know about you, but during the summertime I get a little lazy with my makeup. I'm not sure if it's because my skin gets bronzy or because it's just soooo hot (in Kentucky we say it's humid, not hot)... But, anyways, I still like putting on a little bit of makeup because… Continue reading My 15 Minute Summer Makeup Routine

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The Small Boutique You Need To Shop At This Summer

As a grade schooler I was always so excited to walk "the big halls" of the high school. I went to a K-12 school for a few years -- which is on the same campus my college is on (you can read more about my thoughts on that here) -- and there was one high… Continue reading The Small Boutique You Need To Shop At This Summer

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Are Chacos Really Worth It?

Every time I wear my Chacos someone says, “I want a pair but they’re so expensive!” Chacos are typically $100+. There are different styles, and some range a little beneath the $100 mark, but even on sale you typically won’t find any style less than $50. With that being said, they are definitely an investment.… Continue reading Are Chacos Really Worth It?

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I Bought These Accessories For Only $15!

Can you believe? I got all of this for only $15! I am trying to begin stocking up on neutrals. The college I'm attending in the fall has professional dress day every Tuesday, and so I'm wanting basics that can make my outfit a little more fun! So luckily, one day I was in Family… Continue reading I Bought These Accessories For Only $15!