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Putting the Fun in Fundraising

I'm studying in Amsterdam this summer! In typical Callie fashion, I made this impulse decision less than eight months from the day I would be departing from the states and six months from the time I needed to begin paying. For somebody who is notoriously early to everything, it's probably surprising that I am also… Continue reading Putting the Fun in Fundraising

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9 Halloween Costumes You Already Have In Your Closet

Growing up at my church, we had a Halloween party with one rule: the costumes are homemade. This stretched my creativity (but luckily not my wallet)! I learned how to create pop culture Halloween costumes using the resources I have, and so now I'm going to share some with you! 1) Stevie Nicks You can… Continue reading 9 Halloween Costumes You Already Have In Your Closet

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Are Chacos Really Worth It?

Every time I wear my Chacos someone says, “I want a pair but they’re so expensive!” Chacos are typically $100+. There are different styles, and some range a little beneath the $100 mark, but even on sale you typically won’t find any style less than $50. With that being said, they are definitely an investment.… Continue reading Are Chacos Really Worth It?

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50 Things To Do With The Kids You Babysit

This summer, I began a babysitting job. Now each babysitting experience is different, simply because each kid's personality is different. But whether you're a grandparent the kids are visiting with for weekend, a friend watching the kids one night, or a teenager babysitting a few days a week, it's easy to run out of things… Continue reading 50 Things To Do With The Kids You Babysit

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I Bought These Accessories For Only $15!

Can you believe? I got all of this for only $15! I am trying to begin stocking up on neutrals. The college I'm attending in the fall has professional dress day every Tuesday, and so I'm wanting basics that can make my outfit a little more fun! So luckily, one day I was in Family… Continue reading I Bought These Accessories For Only $15!