Amsterdam: Havin’ Fun on Week One

So, my flight got delayed. This means I missed the flight to Amsterdam and had to reschedule another one. After 9 exhausting hours in a plane, my big toenail was knocked off by a piece of luggage the moment I got off the bus. Like it was literally just laying on the ground beside of… Continue reading Amsterdam: Havin’ Fun on Week One


Going to Church with President 39

My boyfriend and I have a list. This list is referred to as simply "The List". The List is comprised of things we want to do together at one point or another; including lofty goals such as a coffee and bagel date in NYC and more obtainable goals for broke college kids, like a Goodwill date. We began the list… Continue reading Going to Church with President 39

Tips & Tricks

Putting the Fun in Fundraising

I'm studying in Amsterdam this summer! In typical Callie fashion, I made this impulse decision less than eight months from the day I would be departing from the states and six months from the time I needed to begin paying. For somebody who is notoriously early to everything, it's probably surprising that I am also… Continue reading Putting the Fun in Fundraising

Thoughts & Opinions

What’s Really The Matter With Eastern Kentucky

I wrote this essay in December 2017 to use for a college application. I rewrote a few parts to reflect what I have learned, felt, and experienced since writing the original piece. This is one of my most passionate pieces I have ever composed. I hope you enjoy it.  --------- June 26, 2014, Annie Lowrey… Continue reading What’s Really The Matter With Eastern Kentucky