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Putting the Fun in Fundraising

I'm studying in Amsterdam this summer! In typical Callie fashion, I made this impulse decision less than eight months from the day I would be departing from the states and six months from the time I needed to begin paying. For somebody who is notoriously early to everything, it's probably surprising that I am also… Continue reading Putting the Fun in Fundraising


A New York Minute: 12 Hours in the Big Apple

Picture it: The Monday before finals week. I'm in my dorm studying because I have finals in two of my five classes Friday. My friend Jazmyn tells me to call her ASAP. Being a worrywart, I assumed the worst. I called her expecting dramatic tears and a big story about what had happened and why… Continue reading A New York Minute: 12 Hours in the Big Apple


The Island Hopper On A Budget

This morning I went out the door and walked a half mile to Main Beach in order to board the Island Hopper (a shuttle to popular destinations around Amelia Island). I arrived at 11:10, which was perfect because the shuttle was boarding at 11:15. I waited, and waited, and waited... and finally called the Nassau County transportation services. "Yeah,… Continue reading The Island Hopper On A Budget