Amsterdam: Havin’ Fun on Week One

So, my flight got delayed. This means I missed the flight to Amsterdam and had to reschedule another one. After 9 exhausting hours in a plane, my big toenail was knocked off by a piece of luggage the moment I got off the bus. Like it was literally just laying on the ground beside of… Continue reading Amsterdam: Havin’ Fun on Week One


Going to Church with President 39

My boyfriend and I have a list. This list is referred to as simply "The List". The List is comprised of things we want to do together at one point or another; including lofty goals such as a coffee and bagel date in NYC and more obtainable goals for broke college kids, like a Goodwill date. We began the list… Continue reading Going to Church with President 39

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Putting the Fun in Fundraising

I'm studying in Amsterdam this summer! In typical Callie fashion, I made this impulse decision less than eight months from the day I would be departing from the states and six months from the time I needed to begin paying. For somebody who is notoriously early to everything, it's probably surprising that I am also… Continue reading Putting the Fun in Fundraising


A New York Minute: 12 Hours in the Big Apple

Picture it: The Monday before finals week. I'm in my dorm studying because I have finals in two of my five classes Friday. My friend Jazmyn tells me to call her ASAP. Being a worrywart, I assumed the worst. I called her expecting dramatic tears and a big story about what had happened and why… Continue reading A New York Minute: 12 Hours in the Big Apple

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Rollin’ on the River

I'm not one to happily wake up at 6:45 in the morning on a Monday to get ready and go to school. I'm definitely not one to happily wake up at 6:45 in the morning on a Saturday to get ready and do just about anything. But, as my Instagram post* said, if it involves… Continue reading Rollin’ on the River


The Island Hopper On A Budget

This morning I went out the door and walked a half mile to Main Beach in order to board the Island Hopper (a shuttle to popular destinations around Amelia Island). I arrived at 11:10, which was perfect because the shuttle was boarding at 11:15. I waited, and waited, and waited... and finally called the Nassau County transportation services. "Yeah,… Continue reading The Island Hopper On A Budget

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A Walk To Remember

It's hard to find yourself anywhere other than the center of the equation sometimes. In your small world of who you know, what you see, and how you feel, it's easy to get caught up in the "Me, Myself, and I" mentality. I found myself doing that this week. Even on vacation in Fort Walton, I… Continue reading A Walk To Remember


The Ultimate East Kentucky Bucket List

One of my friends from Lexington is coming to visit me for a vacation this summer, so I started thinking of things to plan for her to make her trip to East Kentucky unforgettable. Here’s a list of things that every Eastern Kentuckian (and visitor) should do! Whether you’re bored this summer and planning a… Continue reading The Ultimate East Kentucky Bucket List